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2014 CT Middle School State XC Championships

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2014 CT Middle School State XC Championships

2014 CT Middle School State XC Championships
Subject: 22nd CT Middle School State XC Championships
Location: Wickham Park
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CT Middle School State XC Championships, Wickham Park, Manchester CT

 Meet Announcements

Team Reports Posted for 2014 CT Middle School State XC Championships  
by Ron Knapp
 10/24/2014 9:07 PM
Welcome to the 22nd CT Middle School State XC Championships 
by Ron Knapp
 9/17/2014 6:42 AM

 Critical Information for Coaches and Parents

Critical Information for Coaches and Parents

To insure a safe and well run meet the following procedures are in effect.

Do not enter athletes who are not fit to compete, injured or sick. Athletes competing should start hydrating 48 hours before their race. Runners should eat a carbohydrate based breakfast the day of their event preferably 3 hours before race time.

All asthmatics must carry their inhaler with them during their race. A simple fanny pack or wrist band works well. Coaches must carry an epipen medication for runners allergic to bee stings.

If an athlete drops out of the race due to an injury, they must stay on the side of the course so the trail vehicle can assist them.

Coaches must be near the finish line at the conclusion of every race. If one of your athletes needs assistance, you will be called into the finish line area to help since all coaches must be certified in first aid to be a coach in the state of Connecticut. You must be wearing your badge!

Parents, athletes not competing, and coaches are not allowed in the finish line area unless summoned by the announcer. Violations will result in the disqualification of teams or individuals. Coaches- please pass this on to parents.

Three athletic trainers will be on site during the meet. Please note- All non-life threatening injuries should be treated by the athletic trainers at the finish line. EMTs are available for life threatening injuries only. Once the EMTs get involved, the parent/guardian/coach designee must accompany the athlete to the hospital for release. An ambulance will be on site.

Please advise parents that there will be a $5.00 parking fee per car. Please stress the importance of carpooling. If the Wickham Park staff can not park cars like last year, further cuts of runners per team will be implemented. Also advise parents and spectators to stay off the course and allow the runners a fair chance to compete.

Other info.

Wickham Park is hosting this meet. They have a beautiful cabin at the top of the park which will be serving hot food.

T shirts will be available for $20.00.


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Wickham Park, Manchester CT

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